Log Book Servicing
Logbook Service

Logbook Servicing:

Convenient Log Book Servicing by Our Mobile Mechanics

A log book service is a process that ensures the performance of your car as per the manufacturer’s specifications. At Eastern & Metro Mobile Mechanics, our team goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality workmanship to make sure that your vehicle is in top condition after every log book service.

Our expert team is licensed, registered as well as experienced to undertake the log book servicing of your car. With us, you can be sure that the service is carried out exactly in accordance with the company rules and regulations.

Why Log Book Services Are Recommended?

If your car is under a warranty, it becomes imperative for you to keep a record of your servicing in your log book. So, if an unfortunate incident happens wherein you want to make a claim against the warranty, this can be of a great help. The log book will reveal that you have undertaken appropriate services.

Secondly, if in future, you want to re-sell your car, the prospective buyer would want to know if your car is in the best working condition. The best way to prove this is by showing them the log book that will show all the log book services that are completed and stamped by our mechanic.

Last, a log book service can also cut down on the repair costs on your car as your car will be maintained because of the regular servicing.

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