Ensure Safety with Our Brake and Clutch Services

Brakes and clutch in your car are considered as the most important safety components because it allows you to slow down, stop and avoid potential accidents. Therefore, it is essential for you to get it checked or service regularly, to ensure that your family travels safely.

If you are looking for the best brake and clutch service provider, then Eastern & Metro Mobile Mechanics is your ultimate destination. With 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, we assure you to provide satisfactory brake and clutch repair service throughout South East Melbourne.

A Specialised Service For Your Brakes And Clutches

  • Removing dirt and rust increases the life of brake and clutch
  • Decreases frustrating noise brake, providing smooth driving experience
  • Maximises efficiency of brake and safety of passengers
  • Reliable clutch repair offers motive force for the car
  • Your budget won’t suffer from our brake and clutch repair service

From brake pad, clutch plate, brake disc, clutch fork to the hydraulic system and bearing, we provide reliable repair service for the entire clutch and braking system. We use the latest equipment and tool during our brake and clutch repair service, ensuring a long life for your car.

At Eastern & Metro Mobile Mechanics, we make sure that the brakes and clutch of your car are in good working condition, helping you with:

  • Inspecting the clutch quality and fluid condition
  • Replacement of brake drums, lines or rotors, etc.
  • Installation of new brake pads
  • Replacing any clutch malfunctioning components and much more.

Get the Best Brake and Clutch Service

Whether your car is due for brake and clutch repairs or need an assessment of your vehicle’s brake and clutch in South East Melbourne, we are here to help you. Contact us at 0418 376 451 and get the best brake and clutch repair service.